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  • CEEC at ISC High-Performance 2024

    CEEC at ISC High-Performance 2024 It’s time again for the international gathering of HPC stakeholders at this year’s ISC High-Performance 2024 conference, once again in Hamburg, Germany. Like last year, […]

  • Hands-On Learning at the 2nd CEEC Community Workshop

    Maximizing CFD Code Efficiency: A workshop on Continuous Integration, Benchmarking, and Testing in Cluster Environments The Computational Fluid Dynamics community gathered on March 25th, 2024 in Erlangen and online for […]

  • Introducing Marta Garcia-Gasulla

    Meet Marta Garcia-Gasulla, a team leader from the computer science department of our partner institution the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) , in our latest installment of the #PeopleOfCEEC series!

  • What is CFD Part I

    What is CFD Part I: Fluids, Fluid Dynamics, and How We Describe Them Before we can start talking about the optimisations we plan for our codes, and before we can […]

  • Knowledge Shared is Knowledge Gained: The 1st CEEC Community Workshop

    Knowledge Shared is Knowledge Gained: The 1st CEEC Community Workshop

    Knowledge Shared is Knowledge Gained: the 1st CEEC Community Workshop This past December 13th, CEEC held its first annual community workshop at our consortium partner Friedrich-Alexander-Universität in Erlangen, Germany and […]

  • Introducing Anna Schwarz

    Introducing Anna Schwarz

    I’m Anna Schwarz, a PhD student in the Numerics Research Group at the Institute of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics (IAG) of the University of Stuttgart (USTUTT-IAG). I studied Aerospace Engineering […]

  • Introducing Tim Felle Olsen

    Introducing Tim Felle Olsen

    My name is Tim Felle Olsen, and I recently joined the CEEC project as a Post.Doc. researcher at the Technical University of Denmark. I have a background in computational mathematics […]

  • CEEC at the Ferienakademie

    CEEC at the Ferienakademie

    Earlier this fall, Samuel Kemmler, a member of CEEC first through the partner FAU and now BAM, worked alongside other scientists in his field to organize a course of the […]

  • Summer Round-Up

    Summer Round-Up

    It’s been a while since our last update, and we’re still in the early days of our work. That said, we’ve been travelling to introduce ourselves and present some of the work we’ll be building on during our 4 project years. Maybe you’ve seen us? This summer we had various presentations both at ISC High-Performance…

  • What is Mixed Precision?

    What is Mixed Precision? Computers have been getting faster for as long as they’ve existed. However, not every computer part has been speeding up at the same rate. For example, […]