European HPC Ecosystem

Now that you’ve learned a bit about who we are, it’s important to know who else we work with.  The European HPC Joint Undertaking funds and co-funds a variety of projects supporting development of HPC software, hardware, and expertise in Europe.

We are one of the European HPC centers of excellence (CoEs) who broadly speaking work on developing flagship codes and software packages for the next generation of HPC systems, which is currently exascale. Many of the current and past CoEs  have been running for more than one project phase over several years. To learn more about these longer running CoEs, you can check out the Euro HPC CoE website which has many success stories, explainers, and even feature articles on societal topics and impact.

In terms of building expertise, the EuroCC and CASTIEL projects are the authority on HPC competence across Europe. Through their network of over 30 national competence centers (NCCs), these projects are cataloguing existing HPC competences, identifying opportunities for growth, and leveraging existing competences to provide mentoring and training across Europe.

Who We Work With

As a project with institutions in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Greece, and Spain, you might imagine that we come into close contact with other projects. In particular, we are excited to explore opportunities with our local NCCs: ENCCS in Sweden, DK-NCC in Denmark, EuroCC@GCS in Germany, EuroCC@Greece in Greece, and EuroCC-Spain-RES in Spain.

However, beyond geographical neighbors, we also share interests and activities with other CoEs. In particular, we are building on the work of CoEs like EXCELLERAT, The European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications, and look forward to collaborations that will advance both our projects.

Have questions?

We encourage you to check out our sister projects and get a feel for the wider European HPC ecosystem. If you have questions, make sure to drop us a message through the social media or contact form linked below!